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Welcome message

Thank you for visiting Soft Devices & Packaging Laboratory in Sungkyunkwan University!
FMDL in SKKU is originated from FEDL in JBNU.
Our research area includes
  • Advanced semiconductor packaging materials and fabrication processes

  • Design and fabrication of smart materials for advanced soft electronics & biomedical devices

  • Artificial intelligence (Deep learning & machine learning)-integrated smart multifunctional devices

  • Skin-like ultrathin and stretchable transparent mechanical, chemical & optical sensors

  • Self-healable & stretchable materials and devices

Those considering graduate studies, current postdoctoral researchers, and prospective research professors with an interest in the development of soft devices and advanced packaging technologies are invited to reach out to Prof. Jong-Woong Kim.

(, Room 23342, 1st Engineering Complex, Sungkyunkwan University)

Development of AI-assisted intelligent device
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